Smart home solutions: How to use sustainable smart technology Window Treatments

By using almost no energy at all, you can use smart technology in a more environmentally-friendly way except from manipulating the temperature in your home directly via a smart thermo-controller. Smart window treatment systems let you make your house cool during the summer and cause it warmer in the winter. Automated timers or sensors decrease the load on your HVAC unit, for instance, by closing the window blinds or shades during the warmest part of the day. It can aid your heating by allowing sun in naturally during the day, and shutting the blinds again when the sun sets to hold the heat inside in winder months.


Smart Water Saving

If all households in the country set up water-saving functions, water consumption could decrease by 30%, costing up 5.4 billion gallons per day in accordion to the United States Geological Survey census. On the outside, over-watered lawns and gardens estimated about one-third of residential water use. By using a smart irrigation system, every household can have automated watering depended on weather conditions or season change. You don’t need a bathroom renovation to take the advantages of smart water use. Smart showerheads now combine with dispersers as these use much less water while still feeling good on your skin. Even some of them involve LED lights chance of changing the spray color from blue to red as your set water use changes.

Power Vampire Slayer

Vampiric or “phantom” electricity is becoming a widespread issue. According to the EnergyStar website, more than $10 billion in energy fee is wasted each year in the U.S. by plugged devices that hold running in standby mode. Even kitchen appliances such as mixers and curling irons now get electronic circuits that stay powered even if the appliance is not in use. While you shouldn’t unplug your fridge, for the other appliances, especially those hard to unplug, you should use a smart power strip, that lets you kill a power vampire from afar using your smartphone. Even the accompanying app records power use patterns of each device so that you can tell which ones draw the most power.

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