5 low-priced tech solutions for small business Time Tracking Tools

Whether or not you bill your customers hourly, small business owners can realize important value in keeping track of where their time is spent. This has a number of advantages including making your project estimates more exact and helping you boost your own productivity.

There are lots of time tracking tools available, such as desktop applications, online tools, and even services incorporated into larger project management or bookkeeping software.

Online Invoicing Services


Bookkeeping applications introduce lots of shapes and sizes. But based on your individual demands, you may not need an extensive accounting suite to handle your books. In fact, a streamlined online invoicing service can be a suitable alternative for your business that lets you manage your billing process faster and more proficiently.

When it comes to getting paid, technology also offers many online payment options.

Remote Desktop Applications

Again, technology solidifies the combination between small business owners and mobility. Having access to your primary computer and all of the data on it when you are out of your office — and being able to view or classify it from your iPad or smartphone — can offer you an edge when it comes to managing your business.

Even when you’re not sitting at your desk, remote desktop access applications, like GoToMyPC and LogMeIn, can keep you connected.

Screencasting Tools

Being able to shoot a picture of something you see on your computer display is extremely helpful. You may need to submit it with a support requirement to a vendor, include it as part of a walk-through in an operation manual, or easily use it to trigger your memory later on. 

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